Moving to Dallas

These are exciting times that we are living in and God is doing amazing things around the world. Amie and I have a heart to be in the middle of whatever the Lord is doing to prepare His Bride for His eminent return! Having said this, many of you may not know that we will be moving to the Dallas area on the 20th of August. God has done many miracles already and opened doors of favor to us for which we are truly thankful. My purpose in writing today is to explain some of our plans in moving to Dallas.

First of all, as the Lord has begun to bless our itinerant ministry it has become increasingly hard, and many times impossible, to accommodate the demand with travel to and from Baton Rouge. By being in Dallas we will be near a major hub that flies virtually everywhere in North America direct. This will enable me to overcome many of my limitations and be more accessible and effective in the traveling ministry.

Secondly, Amie and I have a heart teach, mentor, and train young leaders. In the Dallas area there are many schools and ministries that would enable us to share the message of discipleship that we both love so passionately.
Finally, there are many men and women of God who are being used in the apostolic\prophetic move that now live in the Dallas area and we desire to be further trained and walk with them in the new move of God that we see happening now.
Many have asked about our continued relationship with Bethany. Both Amie and I will continue to be actively involved in the vision of Bethany and will always consider our beloved Bethany our home church. We feel much like the Apostle Paul who traveled and even lived many other places but always returned to his home church at Antioch.

On top of traveling nationwide, if you are a pastor\leader in the Dallas area (or in driving distance), it would be our joy to come and minister for you in whatever capacity the Lord would lead. My heart continues to burn for youth ministry and moving in the prophetic. Amie has a heart for young ladies and women of all ages to step into their God-given identity and “Be Girly”. This message has already been used to change the lives of many. If you are interested in having either or both of us come to teach and minister you can see the link below.

We pray God would use us mightily in this new season. Thank you for praying and thinking of us as we make this exciting transition and see all that God desires for us in this new adventure of faith.

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3 Responses to “Moving to Dallas”

  1. Darlene McCullough says:

    We are going to miss you and Amie, Joel, but we can’t wait to see what God does as He launches you into this new season and expands your ministries. God bless you both!

  2. Kimberly Vivar says:

    Whats is the address to the church I would love to take my family.

  3. kathleen Gie says:

    Thank You for all you have been and all you have given of yourself to God’s people -at Bethany. God has great plans for your future, as well as your wife; as you two well know. He will add to you an inheritance, that your sons and daughters will carry on……..

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