Psalm 45:1 Beautiful words stir my heart. I will recite a lovely poem about the king,for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet.
For some time the Lord has stirred my heart with beautiful words. These words have been expressed through the beautiful canvas of poetry. Until now you have heard a lot of prose from me but never any poetry. In the late days my passion and inspiration for poetry has really grown and some of the works I have written are things that I feel should be shared with everyone. Of course there are things that are private and meant for me and those close, but so many need hope and inspiration in this hour I feel like now is the time to begin sharing some of these things. Today I will start by posting a poem I wrote entitled “Recession.” This poem was inspired by the times we live in and the economic talk of the day. Being a prophetic person it is always of interest to me to know the “times and seasons” like the men of Issachar. Be blessed by this poem and look for others in the days to come.


When exactly did recess turn sour?
Most remember it as their favorite hour

How did a name like recession
End up stirring up so much reflection?

What exactly does it mean?
Do we need to ask professor or dean?

Recession is the time or season
Things seem to be hard for no reason

What starts a season of such sort?
Is it possible to prevent or abort?

What gave recession its power?
Who said recession it’s your hour?

Why did you come to stalk and prey
Why couldn’t we keep you at bay?

Is there any forewarning to your advance?
Do you cross the Pacific or begin in France?

Stay away you economic bully
Never we want to feel you fully

Stop tearing away at our precious money
The green we esteem as higher than honey
The kind of necessity that fills our tummy

The root of your hard felt sting
Was never begun by buying a ring

No the source of your silent reign
Will always begin when we’re hopelessly vain


4 Responses to “Poetry”

  1. Brad Duncan says:

    Amazing! “No the source of your silent reign, will always begin when we’re hopelessly vain” is my favorite line! Awesome way to end it and love the wording.

  2. Hank Henagan says:

    Go head Brother, like your new Poetry! Very true about Recession.

  3. Hellynn says:


  4. Sharon says:

    You are awesome brother, I trip for your poem and your great mind! God bless you real good.

    The whole poem inspires me!

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