Demanding Homosexual Agenda

There is a great caution that has been rising in my spirit over the last several years as to the intrusive and demanding nature of the homosexual agenda. Many of you have read my thoughts over the years on this blog and know that my concern over this issue is a longstanding one. As we move into this election year it seems as if this agenda has taken an even more aggressive posture. From knowing this foul spirit throughout the Bible, it has always been clear to me that it would never be satisfied with expression or equality. As I have stated before, this spirit WILL NOT stop until it has silenced every dissenting voice and forced all would-be dissenters to agree and even affirm their wicked lifestyle. This is what we call a militant spirit!

Does it seem odd to you that the question asked of anyone who claims to be a Christian (whether politician or preacher) is whether homosexuality is a sin or if they or for\against it? For the last 2 decades or so abortion was the hot topic issue that the liberal left used to point out the “radical fundamentalists”, but in this new day we live in, the question of choice has definitely shifted to this issue. It is my belief that we will see this issue only grow more and more controversial over the next years.
The saddest part of all is the weak kneed Christian leaders who have either cow towed already to social pressure and abandoned God’s Word or acted as if they are ashamed of the Bible’s take on things and wish they could distance themselves from God on this one issue. How dangerous!

In conclusion, there are 2 things that we must rest our conviction upon. The Word of God makes it very clear that homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God and all who participate in that sin will have their place in the lake of fire. This is UNLESS they repent of their sin and turn to Jesus for forgiveness and deliverance. Also, we must be zealous for our God. If He is enraged by this awful sin then so should we! There should be none of this attitude toward the homosexual agenda that tries to distance our personal feelings from that of our God. None of this, and I repeat NONE, means that we can’t love those who are bound by this awful sin and pray for their restoration to fellowship with God through the same Blood of Jesus that saved us. It must remain our deepest desire that NONE would perish but ALL receive eternal life through the gift of God Christ Jesus.

Let us hold to the standard of Biblical integrity in this dark hour. Let us not grow weary in well doing but hold fast to the end and receive the reward of righteousness.
Jn. 3:16 For God SO loved the world (every kind of sinner) that He gave His only begotten Son, that NONE would perish, but all would inherit eternal life.

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  1. Thank you for this very biblical insight concerning this issue Pastor Joel. I will be teaching on biblical sexuality this coming month to our youth ministry and will be using this article as a resource!

  2. Anthony Nelson says:

    I agree that homosexuality is a sin, but if sin is sin in the eyes of God, then all is unacceptable. Neither is greater than the other. However I do agree that homosexuality is plaguing our society. I am open to the idea of same sex marriage on the principles of human rights. I am a faithful member of your church, yet I disagree with you on the issue. What disturbs me the most is your use of the term, “liberal left”. Conservatives use this term to label democrats. I am a proud Liberal, yet I attend a conservative church, which Bethany is. I agree with your teachings on the issue, but I disagree with the label giving to those that are open to the idea of homosexuals marrying. With that being said, I continue to pray for the health of Bethany (a place I love), and that God strengthens you during your battles.

  3. I agree completely. It is good to see someone else standing for the true word of GOD not basing thier belifs off of pumped up opionated words that bring no life and break no yolkes but create the yolkes of bondage. Thank you bro stockstill praying for you and your ministry

  4. Lori says:

    Pastor Joel I also have seen the homosexual agenda increasing with boldness…. I teach nursing and see more and more homosexuals in the class… It used to be that their sexual orientation was not discussed due to concern from patients.. Now they are proud of the fact that they are homosexual and will even divulge this to the patient… The patients do not even request for the student nurse to be removed from thier care. five years ago it was unheard of for a patient to have a homosexual nurse to care for them….Now it is as if it is alright…. I would not subject myself to be cared for by a homosexual nurse…. I stand by my Christian values and ALL of the students know my stand regarding homosexuality… Thanks for your voice of one crying in the wilderness….

  5. Linda says:

    Spoken in truth by the Wordof God, and in love. Amen.

  6. Brad Barker says:

    Pastor Joel,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve commented on your blog, but it’s good to be back! I have to agree fully with what you have to say about this rise of demanding homosexual agenda. It really has grown into something quite ridiculous! I am so glad there are voices, like you and many others, that preach the solid foundational truths of the Word of God. I’ve seen too many times spineless preachers get up and just try to beat around the bush on this subject, but I’m glad you are not afraid to go head first to defend the Word.
    I pray that God give you strength in these days to come so that this rising generation will be able to hear the TRUE Word of God spoken with boldness!
    Love your spirit and praying for supernatural strength for you in the coming days!

    -Brad Barker, river hippo-

  7. Thanks for this word. Warning against making a lifestyle out of holy covenant w/ God more difficult to break free from is so important. Like a concerned sibling or friend, I sometimes pray for relationships to end between people I love who are in homosexual lifestyles. I’ve heard testimony from women who, after a homosexual relationship ends, wonder why they ever entered it. I’ve heard testimony from a woman who, after experiencing the love of Jesus, joyfully voiced a desire for abstinence to pursue God more. Imagine if these Daughters of the King had to struggle through a divorce & separation of property before they could drastically alter the world of intimacy they’d come to accept. Many might not. Yesterday I heard a song from my youth that glorifies adultery. I was shocked to hear the lyrics I probably once knew by heart. That spirit agressively pursues our culture also; would we consider making divorce tax-deductable?  Less than 10 years ago, I recall being genuinely surprised when my parents started arguments w/ me over my drug habit. Wasn’t that my business? Praise God, they didn’t think so.  “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Eph 6:12). God is great!

  8. feetxxxk says:

    how is there life in obedience to a legality? didnt we die to the law? having been raised in christ, is not those things of christ those things that are the fruit of his spirit(gal5)( his) love, joy, peace, kindness………….?

  9. R Rose says:

    Everyone lets pray for Lori and her spirit of judgment. Sin is sin and everyone commits sin and stands in need of the blood of Jesus to forgive them. I understand that homosexual sex is a sin, yes; however, denying a sinner the rights to the same privileges that “non-sinners” receive (which is foolish to believe) is not fair. The ability to visit you partner in the hospital, place your partner on your medical insurance, and other things is what they are requesting. In America, church and state is separated, and laws should not be made based on anyone’s religious beliefs.

    NOW, I am not pleased with the “in your face” “I’m gay deal with it” attitude. That is very annoying to me, and is a slap in the face of God. Your sin is your sin but don’t brag about. All real God fearing Christians run to the throne of grace for forgiveness, and don’t claim their sin as a lifestyle.

  10. Audra says:

    I agree with your agreement with God’s word on this issue.

    I’ve heard the argument from people many times that the church “picks on” homosexuals, as if their sin is worse than any other sin. I thought about this a lot. The reason it seems that way is this: The homosexual agenda, particularly within the church (and it definitely has a foothold in the church), seeks to say that homosexuality it not a sin. We all know and agree that stealing, lying, killing, etc are sins. If we commit a sin and ask forgiveness, that is one thing. But the homosexual agenda’s goal is for it to not be considered sin at all. That is the difference. We have to take a stand on this and make it clear to people that you cannot claim to live your life based on the Bible, when the Bible itself condemns the lifestyle you refuse to believe is sinful. No, my sin is not better than a homosexual’s sin. The difference is my agreement with God that my sin is sin.

  11. Deanna says:

    Sin is sin, but you can’t claim to know Jesus Christ as your Savior, when you are deliberately living in sin and condoning it. We are called to live a holy life and to be sanctified and to be set apart. God is very clear about being against it in the Bible; He calls it an abomination. When a person truly knows how much God loves them, they will NOT want to live that lifestyle. When they know how Jesus loves them, they will love Him in return.

    Anthony Nelson you should not be supporting same-sex marriage, it is the same as condoning their lifestyle. You can’t agree with what the Bible calls marriage, between a man and woman and agree with same-sex marriage. You can’t mix light and darkness.

  12. jesse says:

    I find it completely disturbing that someone with your “views” would be allowed to teach ANYTHING! Just because YOU would never allow yourself to be cared for by a homosexual does not mean your patients should share that same sentiment… I can only HOPE and WISH you are near retirement soon!! You are doing your profession, not to mention God’s message of Love and Compassion, a HUGE disservice!!

  13. telson says:

    Nowadays, it is going on conversations about homosexuality; some are against it and some on behalf of it. The right answer we can find from the word of God (the Bible).

    The Lord Jesus is the Messiah, Redeemer from sins and the Saviour. Jesus’ must fulfilled the whole law of God and believed all what the Old Testament taught, that He could be the Saviour. He did fulfill and believe all the law. In the Old Testament were commandments, which teach that homosexuality is a sin. Because the Lord Jesus had to believe all commandments of the Old Testament, so He also believed that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible teaches that homosexuality was a sin in the order of the Old Covenant and is valid in the order of the New Covenant. Like this way Jesus also believed that homosexuality is a sin, and He also condemned homosexuality by this way.

    For the sake of sodomites’ abomination acts, God destroyed Sodom as Ezekiel 16:49,50 shows for us. Ezekiel uses 16:50 Hebrew word towebah, which is the same Hebrew word in Lev 18:22 (and Lev 20:13) that describes homosexuality as abomination. It is very clear that in Ezekiel 16:50, abomination means homosexuality acts as the reason for destroying of Sodom. Sodomites pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness and hardened hearts towards poor and needy were sins, but destruction came for the sake of homosexuality, and the New Testament confirms this:

    Jude1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

    Apostle Paul wrote very clearly that homosexuality (men having sex with other men; women having sex with other women) is a sin. Ro 1:27 is word error, which is in Greek plane, which means error, to deceive, deceit, one led astray from the right way, error which shows itself in action, a wrong mode of acting. In this place, the Bible in the New Testament shows very clearly that same-gender sex is a sin and aberration from the right way. Apostle Paul taught very clearly that homosexuality is unnatural sin.

    Many scientists believe that homosexuality is congenital, a matter and orientation that can’t be changed as heterosexual. Paradoxical is that many scientists don’t believe in God of the Bible, and they proclaim that God of the Bible is not existed. Nevertheless, God of the Bible is capable of change homosexuals individuals to be as heterosexuals.

    Arsenos means male and koiten means bed. Lev 18:22 and 20:13 teach that a man cannot lie (sexual act) with another man as he lies with a woman. The origin of the word arsenokoites means homosexual activity and homosexual. Lev 18:22 and 20:13 prove very clearly that arsenos koitenmeans homosexuality sex, because the Jews scribes translated words’ arsenos koiten to describe men who have sex with another men (homosexuality), which is a sin and against the will of God. Apostle Paul didn’t make up the word arsenokoites, but it was already as the concept in the Old Testament, where it meant homosexuality.

    It is very clear that the words’ arsenos koiten meant homosexuality (man who had sex with another man) to Jews of the Old Covenant era. In the same way arsenokoites meant homosexuality (man who had sex with another man) to Jesus’ disciples in the New Covenant era.

    Jewish philosopher Philo lived in the same time as Jesus Christ and Philo has said that arsenokoites meant shrine prostitute (male temple prostitute), and not homosexual. Some people have made from this a conclusion that the word arsenokoites meant a male temple prostitute. Philo’s interpretation was totally wrong, because the Bible proves this undisputedly and shows that Philo erred.

    Lev 18:22 and Lev 20:13 doesn’t use temple prostitute word, but words in which is denied that a man can’t lie sexually with another man. Always when the Bible speaks for temple prostitutes, so the Bible uses words gedeshah and gadesh. If Lev 18:22 and Lev 20:13 told for temple prostitutes, so verses would mention them, but there isn’t, because in those verses, the Bible forbids homosexuality. It is very clear and undisputable in the light of the testimony of the Bible, that arsenokoites means homosexuality.

    According to words of the Lord Jesus, Jesus’ disciples can judge righteous judgement. If somebody is stealing, living in adultery or is lying, so we have the right to say sin as a sin. According to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin and so Jesus’ disciples have the right to say what the Bible teaches. Jesus’ disciple has a right to say that living in sins lead people to eternal damnation. Jesus’ disciple doesn’t judge to damnation, but tells that God shall judge sin maker to hell.

    God loves also gay-people, but not sinful act of homosexuality, and therefore, God calls gay-people repentance and receives salvation by believing in the Lord Jesus. In other words, God loves sinners, but not sins. The gospel and its changing power is meant also for gay-people, because the Lord Jesus can set you free you from your sins.

    I don’t condemn homosexuals, but love them by the love of God. The love of God also holds on from the truth, and therefore, I must say that homosexuality is a sin, it is not condemning, but telling the truth. God has authority to judge, not a man. God judges in His word homosexuality as a sin. I can tell about judgements that what God does, and I don’t condemn, but tell who judge.

    I don’t support discrimination of homosexuals, because they are valuable as my neighbors. However, homosexuality is a sin. It is possible to integrate from homosexuality and get rid of it. The Lord Jesus can save and give freedom to you. I recommend for you to read the Bible, because there God teaches for natural sexuality and salvation by believing in the Lord Jesus.


  14. Stephen says:

    Pastor Joel,

    This very thing has been in my spirit as well. Thanks for clarity and standing strong!

  15. Johann says:

    As a homosexual I am obviously going to be offended to some degree by this post. It’s a given, it’s expected, but not for the reasons you may think. This post does not upset me because of the stance you take on my lifestyle. I am from a religious home, I have read the Bible, and I completely and 100% understand your perspective. I don’t agree with it, but I can comprehend it. The problem I have with this post is a little more subtle than that.

    This post is a good example of almost every sermon I have heard pertaining to, blog written about, and conversation had against the ‘Homosexual Agenda’. It is where in the beginning there are lots of condemning words. “wicked”, “abomination”, “militant”, and “dark hour”, and then somewhere around the middle, things change and suddenly it’s all about saving souls. Many sermons end on that note, it’s really no big deal to me. What is a big deal to me is that it seems to me-a homosexual-that when these things are written, or spoken about they are done so with an air of supremacy. As if somehow you are so highly elevated above my ‘level’ that there is no way I could ever read this blog post. Me. The one commentator this post actually pertains to.

    It offends me that people can call me wicked, and an abomination, and then say they want to save me in seemingly the same breath. It offends me that people think they can call me things like gross, and disgusting (although you did not), and then think I will accept some form of salvation from them. It offends me that people think I will think they are correct about salvation, after saying such things. When posts like this are written I am not compelled to run to an alter. I am not compelled to go to church and confess, or to accept your god. When things like this are written all that stays with me are the words ‘wicked’, ‘gross’, ‘abomination’, etc. When things like this are written I am left to expect that comments like mine will be deleted for the sake of supporters not being offended at my offence. I am left to expect that anyone reading this will find me repulsive because I am gross, devious because I am ‘wicked’, abusive because I am ‘militant’, and have really dark circles under my eyes because I am a ‘dark hour’.

    I am not offended by the basis to which your opinion is formed, nor at the bible itself. I am not offended by you wanting to save people. What hurts is feeling overlooked, or invisible to a reading audience as if the very thought of a homosexual reading things that you write will send you to hell; as if I am so calloused that I can not feel your disgust. I hope that although our opinions collide on this, that you are not actually disgusted in me for being me, but based on this post I cannot tell. And if to find out whether or not you are, I would have to meet you or come to your church, then I don’t need to find out. Based on this post, that I found from a random link while browsing the web I do not want to ever be near you, your church, or any of those affiliated with you.

    As a homosexual, this is where I am offended. This is where I am reminded why I do not enter churches, and this is my perspective on a post you made one year ago.

  16. Johann says:

    Sorry, TWO years ago.

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