300&Beyond Webinar Schedule

July 23rd, 2014

This is how it’s goin’ down!!! YOUTHPASTORU.COM
1. Intro to 300+ Webinar

-Overview of Joel’s history and 10 years of youth ministry experience.
-How we grew from 70 brats to thousands of disciples.
-What was the philosophy behind creating the nations largest youth ministry?
-How we crafted a leadership strategy that birthed over 350 captains of 20 or more.

2. Radical Prayer

-Setting the spiritual atmosphere for explosive growth.
-The importance of prayer in the growth cycle
-Holding effective prayer gatherings
-Keeping the “weird” out of the mix
-Learning to create an intercessory dynamo

3. Radical Evangelism

-Preaching the Gospel with contagious fervor and carrying the burden for a lost generation.
-Turning spiritual burdens into practical vision for explosive change in your city.

4. Radical Discipleship

-Forming, birthing, and overseeing leaders that carry the vision to completion and beyond.
-Creating generations that form legacy. Matthew 9:35-38

5. Daily Life of the Uncommon Youth Pastor

-Establishing and maintaining consistent daily routine.
-Setting priorities and boundaries.
-The importance of focus.
-Living the lifestyle of a successful leader.

6. Romantic Relationships

-Navigating the murky, shark infested waters of personal relationships before marriage.
-Balancing ministry and marriage.
-Giving solid guidance to young people regarding the most important earthly decision of their life. No Pressure! :)

7. Interacting With Church Staff

-How to find favor with your boss, senior pastor, and your staff.
-Learning to operate with excellence and professionalism in the work place.

8. Ministry Connections, Conference Hosting, and Managing Your Outside Relationships

-In a day where many either struggle to be connected or over pursue contacts outside of their local church, we must find a balance in this important arena.
-What events should I host?
-How do I know what I can financially pull off with excellence and low financial stress?

9. Forming the Dream Team

-Learning how to start where you are and form the team that will win the championship!
-Ministry is not a one-man show but a team sport.
-How to go from being the star to coaching on the sidelines…and loving it!

10. Services Geared for Growth

-What are the critical elements to holding services that are not mundane?
-How can we make things exciting without crossing boundaries of compromise?
-What type of service schedule should I use?
-How much of my time should be spent on my service?
-What should my preparation look like for preaching?

11. The Leadership Machine

-Taking new converts to becoming seasoned leaders.
-What machinery do I have in place to be the “assembly line” for birthing new leaders each and every year?
-What are the critical doctrinal and practical elements of ministry that every potential leader needs to know?

12. Becoming a Visionary

-Setting your sights on releasing the visionary within.
-Learn the art of seeking the Lord for divine direction and creative solutions.
-Become a master at motivation and getting leaders on board with the vision.
-Insights on creating momentum and sustainable, long-term growth.

13. Bonuses & Surprises!!! REGISTER NOW @ YOUTHPASTORU.COM


July 17th, 2014


Something incredible is happening in these exciting times we live in. There is a transition from the former generation of leaders to the new generation. God is putting YOU on the scene for this critical time in history! I believe that YOU are CALLED for this moment to make an IMPACT on your generation! This desire for impact has been my cry for over a decade. Through blood, sweat, and tears (and a whole lot of trial and error) the Lord has given me a model for youth ministry that I believe will impact your ministry in a supernatural way.
My heart is to impart this model to 10k nextgen leaders who can run with the call on their life and effect our generation with the powerful message of the Cross. The first step in this mandate is a webinar called 300&Beyond: Unlocking the Secrets to Explosive Harvest. This will be a 12-week webinar that airs live each week for 60-90 min. All sessions will be digitally recorded and available to watch at your convenience. We will cover topics such as: Establishing a prayer culture, How to hold powerful Evangelistic gatherings, Raising up dynamic leaders, and building the Dream Team. Each week will offer incredible insights on the most frequently asked questions by youth leaders.
This webinar is not limited to full time youth ministers. It is for part-time, bi-vocational, volunteer, or even church staff in other departments. Check out all the information at http://youthpastoru.com and register today to secure your place in this transformational opportunity! For Him, Joel Stockstill

July Reading Plan

June 30th, 2014

Here is the July reading plan. Will post to link as pdf asap. thanks!

Tue 1 Gen 1-3 Psa 1 Matt 1-2
Wed 2 Gen 4-6 Psa 2 Matt 3-4
Thu 3 Gen 7-9 Psa 3 Matt 5
Fri 4 Gen 10-12 Psa 4 Matt 6-7
Sat 5 Gen 13-15 Psa 5 Matt 8-9
Mon 7 Gen 16-18 Psa 6 Matt 10
Tue 8 Gen 19-21 Psa 7 Matt 11-12
Wed 9 Gen 22-24 Psa 8 Matt 13-14
Thu 10 Gen 25-27 Psa 9 Matt 15
Fri 11 Gen 28-30 Psa 10 Matt 16-17
Sat 12 Gen 31-33 Psa 11 Matt 18-19
Mon 14 Gen 34-36 Psa 12 Matt 20
Tue 15 Gen 37-39 Psa 13 Matt 21-22
Wed 16 Gen 40-42 Psa 14 Matt 23-24
Thu 17 Gen 43-45 Psa 15 Matt 25
Fri 18 Gen 46-48 Psa 16 Matt 26
Sat 19 Gen 49-50 Psa 17 Matt 27-28
Mon 21 Exo 1-3 Psa 18 Mk 1-2
Tue 22 Exo 4-6 Psa 19 Mk 3
Wed 23 Exo 7-9 Psa 20 Mk 4-5
Thu 24 Exo 10-12 Psa 21 Mk 6-7
Fri 25 Exo 13-15 Psa 22 Mk 8
Sat 26 Exo 16-18 Psa 23 Mk 9-10
Mon 28 Exo 19-21 Psa 24 Mk 11-12
Tue 29 Exo 22-24 Psa 25 Mk 13-14
Wed 30 Exo 25-27 Psa 26 Mk 15-16
Thu 31 Exo 28-30 Psa 27 Lk 1

Kidney Transplant Update

June 15th, 2014

(Many of you have seen repetitive posts from my request for transplant candidates written back in Dec. This was a malfunction of Facebook and not something intentionally sent by me! In light of this, I thought it good to update everyone on where things stand.)

As we near the end of the first half of 2014 I wanted to give an update on my opportunity for kidney transplant. Many of you have prayed and some have even volunteered the use of one of your kidneys. This is very moving! Amie and I are forever grateful for the love and support that you have shown.
After writing to you at the end of last year about the need for a living donor, the response was overwhelming. In fact, the staff at Johns Hopkins was immediately surprised and overwhelmed with many people interested in helping. One worker remarked, “you must be a special guy, ’cause we are getting bombarded with potential candidates for your transplant.” Due to this overwhelming response, the system of screening was quickly overrun (they are used to 1 maybe 2 candidates per patient). At this point, they stopped allowing anyone to be screened until they can follow up on all the candidates that have come forward. The only exception to this would be blood relatives in my immediate family (for which there are several at this point, praise God!).
The greatest need in this season is your prayers that the process, that seems to be moving slower than conceivably possible, would be accelerated and the match identified quickly. Our goal is to have this matching done and a surgery scheduled by the end of this calendar year. We believe that this is the year! Have no doubt, we will stand for healing no matter what! Our hope will not be shaken and the miracle of long life will be achieved by God’s grace.
Thank you again for standing with us and bathing this situation in prayer. Jesus is still on the throne and many lives are being touched in the meantime. The prophetic voice is going forth and Jesus is being glorified!

Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping—believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, “That’s how many descendants you will have!” And Abraham’s faith did not weaken, even though, at about 100 years of age, he figured his body was as good as dead—and so was Sarah’s womb. Rom. 4:18-19