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May 5th, 2015

God is good! His mercies never cease to amaze! Whether you are a pastor, leader, or believer in the great Kingdom of our Jesus Christ, I wanted to take a minute and give you an update on the latest happenings. Amie and I have now lived in the Dallas metroplex for over a year and a half and have come to call this amazing place home. Although we live in Dallas we have continued to have strong ties with Bethany Church in Baton Rouge with speaking weekends and actively assisting Pastor Jonathan in developing the vision of the church.

After a rocky start to last year due to many complications in my health, the past year has seen unprecedented strength and health. Praise be to Jesus! My itinerant ministry has been blessed and many lives have been saved, healed, delivered, and touched by the power of the Cross. Recently in Tampa, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a couple that they had recently lost a child. I had no idea, but they had lost a precious daughter just three months ago. In Cincinnati, a young 13 year old girl who was a “cutter” (slashing her arms) was totally delivered by the power of God. Another young man who was going to commit suicide was delivered and testified of his freedom! It seems that everywhere I go, the gifts of the Spirit are in operation, particularly in the word of knowledge and healing.

Our heart ever burns with the burden for this next generation. Youth conferences and Young Adult events have continued to be a vital part of the mission both Amie and I feel very deeply about. The other side is traveling and ministering on weekends to local church bodies all over America & Canada. Our greatest joy right now is bringing the message of “Hope” from our testimony and it is amazing how it continues to resonate with people every where.
Outside of the traveling ministry, there has been a serious increase in the amount of coaching and mentoring I have personally taken on. I’ve been helping Spirit-filled churches get “unstuck” and move into growth by simply coaching them on the intangibles that may be stopping them from moving forward. Something about coaching really strikes a chord very deep in my heart. Amie is in a season of pursuing her Masters in NT Leadership at Kings College Gateway and traveling and speaking with me to groups of women abroad. What a great season this has been!

Hopefully, by reading this little update you can see how the Lord’s hand of blessing and favor is upon us. Please continue to pray for supernatural health and that the Lord would open the door of healing. Our hearts yearn to go and impact the next generation from Brazil to India. Let no nation be unaffected by the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus and His unfathomable love poured out on Calvary!
If you are a pastor, youth director, or young adults leader and desire myself, Amie, or both of us to come and minister, please don’t hesitate to contact us at It is our greatest joy to serve the body of Christ in this season and make genuine relational connections with the amazing people of God, especially leaders! Many Blessings and Godspeed in your Assignment! Sincerely, Joel & Amie Stockstill

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Expanding Your Reading Appetite

April 6th, 2015

We have all heard the statement “A leader is a reader” but what do we do if we are not “a reader” and yet desire to be a leader? Many leaders have faced this dilemma and I’m suggesting today that the simple cure for this problem is to increase your appetite. Yes, appetite! There is no force in the universe as powerful as that of appetite. It manifests within minutes of birth and begins to control our lives from that point forward. These appetites can be both good or bad (for another day) but reading is an appetite that is no doubt necessary, beneficial, and amazing.

Get Started!- Having been on the receiving end of feeling bad many times in my life I can tell you firsthand that the only cure for a lost appetite is to exercise mind over body and start the eating process again. This means you cannot ask yourself if you “feel like” reading but simply must begin reading again in order to kickstart your reading appetite.

Value Yourself- many never move past entertainment as the primary motivation for reading. If this is the case, you will hardly ever choose the medium of reading over television, web surfing, or hanging out with friends. The primary motivation for reading must be to invest in yourself! If you value your call and contribution to the Kingdom of God then you need to equip yourself (beyond formal education) to meet the demands of your assignment.

Do Your Research- The greatest obstacle to reading inevitably becomes, “What do I read”? In a day where there are millions of books, how do you even begin finding the type of books that personally will add value to your leadership? Here is where I encourage you to do 2 practical things. Look for book recommendations from leaders you trust (like 10k!). Another great help is to download free samples of books that interest you and read the introduction or first chapter. By taking in this small portion of a book you can usually determine if the rest of the book holds enough interest to motivate you to the finish line. (If not, you will by default be increasing your exposure to different ideas, even if you don’t read the whole book…win-win!)

Variety is Good!- One of the greatest secrets I’ve discovered in reading is never limit yourself to one book at a time. You will find that when you have only one book to read the chances of you wanting that particular book every time you endeavor to read will be very low. With many different books on different subjects you both broaden your perspective and provide the outlet for any frame of mind.
Note: You don’t eat the same meal every time you are hungry. By putting different books in your library you are giving yourself “meal options” when it comes to reading.

This article was written by one of our founders, Joel Stockstill. Joel (aka. @hippofloat) has an intense passion to develop and motivate next generation leaders. Stay tuned for more articles by Joel. #10kleader

4 Reasons You Need to Write!

March 24th, 2015

Believe it or not, English (particularly writing) was my absolute worst subject. Being a first-born perfectionist I could never seem to get everything right! I incorrectly assumed, like many of you, that it “wasn’t my gift.” Over time, I began to see not only the usefulness of being able to write but the demand that’s placed on every leader to develop this important skill. It took a lot of time and some now-hilarious attempts but now I’m as comfortable (if not more) with writing as I am speaking. As a leader I want to challenge you to become someone who writes consistently. Whether it is preparing a presentation, a message, an employee handbook, or a sermon, the ability to write is something that must be in the toolbox of every 10kLeader.

Greater Impact- There is nothing more powerful than the written word! The format of choice for God’s most important message to mankind is found in writing. When someone reads something it enters the most powerful portal of human sense, the eyegate. Putting something down on paper (or digital format) will always increase the potency of your message.
Better Communication- Forcing yourself to write things out will not only help others grasp your message in a greater dimension but will doubly benefit you by forcing you to articulate yourself more clearly. Unnecessary words and fuzzy illustrations will be thrown to the wayside. Jesus never wasted any words and neither should you!
Farther Reach- You can only go so many places and speak to so many people. The possibilities of the written word are absolutely endless in this day and age. When something is written down it can be translated with the push of a button and sent to the far corners of the globe. It is time as the Body of Christ to begin thinking beyond our personal sphere of influence and “lift up our eyes to the harvest fields, for they are ripe even now for the harvest.”
Lasting Legacy- In order to leave a lasting legacy you need to commit your greatest messages to writing. You may be years away from ever publishing a book or pamphlet, but at some point you will need to write out the treasures of faith and wisdom you’ve gained through life’s hard-fought battles. Don’t wait till later to realize the need for writing. Learn to become an efficient written communicator today and expand your leadership influence for generations to come

This article was written by one of our founders, Joel Stockstill. Joel (aka. @hippofloat) has an intense passion to develop and motivate next generation leaders. Stay tuned for more articles by Joel. #10kleader

Year of Fresh Bread

March 4th, 2015

Pastor Joel Stockstill