4 Reasons You Need to Write!

March 24th, 2015

Believe it or not, English (particularly writing) was my absolute worst subject. Being a first-born perfectionist I could never seem to get everything right! I incorrectly assumed, like many of you, that it “wasn’t my gift.” Over time, I began to see not only the usefulness of being able to write but the demand that’s placed on every leader to develop this important skill. It took a lot of time and some now-hilarious attempts but now I’m as comfortable (if not more) with writing as I am speaking. As a leader I want to challenge you to become someone who writes consistently. Whether it is preparing a presentation, a message, an employee handbook, or a sermon, the ability to write is something that must be in the toolbox of every 10kLeader.

Greater Impact- There is nothing more powerful than the written word! The format of choice for God’s most important message to mankind is found in writing. When someone reads something it enters the most powerful portal of human sense, the eyegate. Putting something down on paper (or digital format) will always increase the potency of your message.
Better Communication- Forcing yourself to write things out will not only help others grasp your message in a greater dimension but will doubly benefit you by forcing you to articulate yourself more clearly. Unnecessary words and fuzzy illustrations will be thrown to the wayside. Jesus never wasted any words and neither should you!
Farther Reach- You can only go so many places and speak to so many people. The possibilities of the written word are absolutely endless in this day and age. When something is written down it can be translated with the push of a button and sent to the far corners of the globe. It is time as the Body of Christ to begin thinking beyond our personal sphere of influence and “lift up our eyes to the harvest fields, for they are ripe even now for the harvest.”
Lasting Legacy- In order to leave a lasting legacy you need to commit your greatest messages to writing. You may be years away from ever publishing a book or pamphlet, but at some point you will need to write out the treasures of faith and wisdom you’ve gained through life’s hard-fought battles. Don’t wait till later to realize the need for writing. Learn to become an efficient written communicator today and expand your leadership influence for generations to come

This article was written by one of our founders, Joel Stockstill. Joel (aka. @hippofloat) has an intense passion to develop and motivate next generation leaders. Stay tuned for more articles by Joel. #10kleader

Year of Fresh Bread

March 4th, 2015

Pastor Joel Stockstill

Appeal for Iraqi Christians

August 21st, 2014

Below is a letter drawn up by a group of concerned leaders for the awful plight of our Iraqi brothers and sisters in Christ. Please read, sign, and pass on! Joel

Dear Fellow Christians:

After his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus Christ tarried for forty days with his Apostles. At the end of this period he gave them these final instructions: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

The Apostles heeded his instructions and traveled throughout the world preaching the Gospel. The Apostles Thomas and Thaddeus traveled to modern-day Iraq and taught among the Aramaic speaking Assyrian people. These Assyrian Christians have remained faithful to Jesus Christ for almost 2,000 years. This ancient body of believers is being threatened along with other Middle Eastern Christians with annihilation.

Persecution has been an ever-present reality to Middle Eastern Christians. It is estimated that since 2003 half of the Iraqi Christian population has fled Iraq. The persecution of Iraqi Christians has continued. The so-called Islamic State has mandated that all Christians in their territory convert to Islam, pay protection money, or face death. The Islamic State is marking all Christian homes with an Arabic letter (ن) signifying their faith and marking them for death. “For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians,” said Patriarch Louis Sako, Iraq’s senior Catholic clergyman.

The Christians of the United States of America have been blessed with safety and security, and can scarcely imagine what it means to be persecuted for the sake of Christ and His Gospel. We must not fail to teach our children about the reality of persecution in the world today.

We must not sit idly by as our fellow brothers and sisters are kidnapped, tortured, and killed for our shared faith. We must act and call upon our collective energy to influence those in with the ability to act and put an end to the destruction of Christianity in the Middle East.

We will not remain silent any longer. It is time that American Christians come together and use their collective weight to move U.S. policy towards the justifiable position of protecting religions minorities in the Middle East and around the world.

On behalf of those who are suffering now, we make this statement and affix our names upon it. We hope it ends the callous complacency that plagues American Christianity and brings about a conscious understanding that Christianity is endangered in the lands in which it was first preached. The loss of the Iraqi church will be a violent attack on the collective Christian psyche and must be averted with all speed.

In Christ,

(please pass on and have others read and sign)

300&Beyond Webinar Schedule

July 23rd, 2014

This is how it’s goin’ down!!! YOUTHPASTORU.COM
1. Intro to 300+ Webinar

-Overview of Joel’s history and 10 years of youth ministry experience.
-How we grew from 70 brats to thousands of disciples.
-What was the philosophy behind creating the nations largest youth ministry?
-How we crafted a leadership strategy that birthed over 350 captains of 20 or more.

2. Radical Prayer

-Setting the spiritual atmosphere for explosive growth.
-The importance of prayer in the growth cycle
-Holding effective prayer gatherings
-Keeping the “weird” out of the mix
-Learning to create an intercessory dynamo

3. Radical Evangelism

-Preaching the Gospel with contagious fervor and carrying the burden for a lost generation.
-Turning spiritual burdens into practical vision for explosive change in your city.

4. Radical Discipleship

-Forming, birthing, and overseeing leaders that carry the vision to completion and beyond.
-Creating generations that form legacy. Matthew 9:35-38

5. Daily Life of the Uncommon Youth Pastor

-Establishing and maintaining consistent daily routine.
-Setting priorities and boundaries.
-The importance of focus.
-Living the lifestyle of a successful leader.

6. Romantic Relationships

-Navigating the murky, shark infested waters of personal relationships before marriage.
-Balancing ministry and marriage.
-Giving solid guidance to young people regarding the most important earthly decision of their life. No Pressure! :)

7. Interacting With Church Staff

-How to find favor with your boss, senior pastor, and your staff.
-Learning to operate with excellence and professionalism in the work place.

8. Ministry Connections, Conference Hosting, and Managing Your Outside Relationships

-In a day where many either struggle to be connected or over pursue contacts outside of their local church, we must find a balance in this important arena.
-What events should I host?
-How do I know what I can financially pull off with excellence and low financial stress?

9. Forming the Dream Team

-Learning how to start where you are and form the team that will win the championship!
-Ministry is not a one-man show but a team sport.
-How to go from being the star to coaching on the sidelines…and loving it!

10. Services Geared for Growth

-What are the critical elements to holding services that are not mundane?
-How can we make things exciting without crossing boundaries of compromise?
-What type of service schedule should I use?
-How much of my time should be spent on my service?
-What should my preparation look like for preaching?

11. The Leadership Machine

-Taking new converts to becoming seasoned leaders.
-What machinery do I have in place to be the “assembly line” for birthing new leaders each and every year?
-What are the critical doctrinal and practical elements of ministry that every potential leader needs to know?

12. Becoming a Visionary

-Setting your sights on releasing the visionary within.
-Learn the art of seeking the Lord for divine direction and creative solutions.
-Become a master at motivation and getting leaders on board with the vision.
-Insights on creating momentum and sustainable, long-term growth.

13. Bonuses & Surprises!!! REGISTER NOW @ YOUTHPASTORU.COM